Cobalt blue Eyes

Versace's Fall 2009 runway show gave us cobalt eyes. Makeup artist Pat McGrath has shared her tips on how to wear this trend for the season.

She suggests wearing your typical smoky eye for going out at night then adding a hint of blue shades. Be bold and pair the look with a pale, nude lip.

She suggests using a cream concealer to achieve the ultimate nude lips and adding a clear gloss. For the best blues try Dolce & Gabbana Smooth Eye Colour Duo in Sky.
As well as Lacome's Le Crayon eyeliner in Black Ebony and smudge the color into the crease of your eye.

Personally I think the DG colour-duo is too much of the good stuff, and I think you would be better off with the youngblood pressed mineral eyeshadow in the colour sapphire!

Fluffy //bolero

Fluffy bolero from BIK BOK: 499 kr
Perfect togheter with your christmas dress, and to keep those shoulders warm.

Crash magazine// taste

Source: fashionindie


tush18siriinromance01 tush18siriinromance03
Model: Siri Tollerød

Daily Inspiration

Source: lookbook


                       1. Mattew Williamson                              2. Alexander Wang

At these christmastimes I`ve been hit by a little dressmania. Can`t help looking at them and wanting them. Specially the sequin ones. These two are just as glam and sexy as I want them to be. It`s a shame about the pricerange, but these will be great for inspiration never the less.

Anja Rubik//Numero #108 November 2009// beauty

anjabeauty2 anjabeauty4 anjabeauty8 anjabeauty9

I love these pics of Anja Rubik. She`s such a versatile model.

Photographer: Miguel Reveriego
Model: Anja Rubik

Electric city


Missy Rayder by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Source: fashiongonerogue

Wishlist// items

Snake earrings from Desartistes
Necklace from dries van noten

Moment of style// Agyness Deyn

Oh. check this out! I would have loved to put that outfit together. But, I`m afraid I wouldn`t had the imagination. Word up to Agyness again. She`s a truly icon. And don`t you just want to get a haircut like hers?? I know I`m really tempted.

Natalia Vodianova// classic

I adore these pics of a timeless beauty. Natalia. Vodianova. I love her hair. Makes me want a haircut.
Source: la coterie

Daily Inspiration// tatoo rose//

Oh! oh! I`m getting excited over here. Look at the romantic dress togehter with the tatoo. looks interesting. I love her dark red hair and her green makeup. Perfect contrast to the sweet dress. TUMBS UP!!!!!
Source: lookbook

Saturday// night out

IMG_3916 IMG_3932

Okey, I`m off to a party with my friend Tone. This is what I wear. short, but i think it`s beoyncè foxy. haha!

Love my new dress from b-young: ca 500 kr. Boots are from Topshop.

Love to hear your point of view! Well. ta tha!!

See you guys tomorrow. Now its FUN-TIME!  hope you guys enjoy your saturday aswell.

Love// T

Boots// again

justforoneday7 justforoneday5

I tell you this. I want those boots. I completly agree with A fashion tale. It rocks my world to see a pair of that caliber. AND! I need to eat my words on this. I know I haven`t been thrilled about Ombre hair!!! BUT I`m ready to EAT and SWALLOW my words. On this girl it looks hot! hot as hell.

//New outfit//

IMG_3882IMG_3872 IMG_3885 

Sequin tights from bikbok, fishtail top from H&M and jeffrey campbell 99 bootie.

Silvergrey// fishtail top// forever love

Stubled over this silvergrey top at H&M. It`s exactly the same as the one I have in gold, and I have worn it sooo much! I completly love it, the shape of it and the feeling of the textile! It`s quite heavy so it hangs perfectly, a little loose on your shoulders! AND it`s not expensive at all. Only 199 kr!! Don`t wait!!!

NEW// sequin stuff

Bilde2621  IMG_3862 IMG_3866   Bilde2618
Sequin tights and sequin bow-tie, both from BIK BOK!

Brittany over knee boot// chocolate

32B09WCHC_large  32B09WCHC_large32B09WCHC_large 32B09WCHC_large
Brittany over knee boot is now available in chocolate at Topshop! I love it, but have recently got a pair in black, so I need to be patient and relax my shoeshopping for a while.
BUT YOU can get it HERE! for £ 100.00

Rachel Bilson// Flaunt Magazine// Nov 2009

rachel-bilson-flaunt rachel-bilson-flaunt-011-550x711   rachel-bilson-flaunt-041 
Rachel Bilson is fierce on these pics!! I love her and her style! I think she`s got a effortless look, and tell me!? Isn`t that the Phillip Lim sequin tuxedo?? MY!! I need it even more after this. It`s my favorite “ out of reach” at the moment. Annoying.

Daily Inspiration// sequin shorts

Okey. I`m out of words. If you can find a better way to style the sequin shorts, please let me know!!  No offence, but I doubt you can make it look better than this! I am completely at my knees over this photo. I think it`s a statement on it`s own. Makes me want to run down to H&M and get the sequin shorts/hotpant I`ve been looking at for ages. It`s a shame that it  most likely will look nasty on my chubby thighs. I can only wish for skinny ones like that.
Perfect inspiration. And a great motivation to get my ass of to the gym!! Hope you guys enjoy this photo as much as I do! I mean. JUST LOOK!
// love T
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Wishlist// items

Bilde2617 Bilde2616

Sequin jacket from H&M: 399! size: small.

WOW. this one is on the top of my wishlist this year!

Vogue Korea //December

I`m not the least bored with sequins or shoulders yet. Are you??


1. Phillip Lim Chiffon biker jacket: 959,- euro
2. Phillip Lim gross grain trim palette skirt: 479,- euro
3. Yves Saint Laurent imperiale 95 bootie: 685,- euro
4. Alexander Wang Suede zipper bag: 559,- euro

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