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So today i feel tired in my arms!! You can problably tell why..It`s not a easy task to try to create Lady Gaga`s hair bow! OR. actually it is easy, but with hair in different lenghts it`s more of a struggle. I ended up feeling more like Minnie Mouse, but I can tell you this. Rehearsal makes you good! So, with a couple of months practice I`ll look fierce with a Gaga bow at the consert! If you guys wanna try it out, there`s more than a few video tutorials at youtube! Have a great weekend you lovelies! :)

Love// T

Lykke Li //

Lykke Li is a great artist and a fresh fashion it- girl! I really love her style and music!

Ripped ALERT

As you guys sure know it`s denimORAMA out there! Here`s one h*** of a ripped ALERT! watch out! The most interesting is the only knees ripped jeans! LOVE it! I will definitly follow it up!
source: random photos

Question// mark

Hey you guys. I have a question for YOU! I found this awesome dress at Malou`s blog! And I wonder: Have you seen a this or a similar dress, and If you have- Where?? I need a big stretch now! Enjoy your day!

Zara May// Lookbook

These are the pieces from Zara that instantly got my attention! The first one with the cats (miumiu-look) pumped my heart up a beat! my goood. I really need that one!!! Otherwise the drapes, the maxi skirt, the tassels and the tuxedo dress are perfect examples of what an interesting summer we have ahead! I find it very satisfying looking at these creations! Just what I like! I actually have a dress similar to the one with tassels from topshops collection last year, but haven`t found the right time to wear it. Definitly NOW is the right time! My mind keep picturing me in it with a denim shorts and high wooden platforms. and wavy hair. If not a braid. I`ll have to figure it out! Until then, keep your eyes open for Zara!


Did hesistate before throwing these perfect shoes in the basket the other day... and now OF COURSE it`s not available in my size... ARGH! I HATE when that happens...
Shoes from KG by Kurt Geiger.

By Garance Dorè

Oh oh!! So inspirational. I love it all!!


These two dresses instantly caught my attention today, while browsing trough pages in search for a nice summer dress. The Maxi is from Seneca Rising (ca 1400 nok) and the pocket-dress is from Whistles (ca 1200nok)

Do you like them aswell?? get them at ASOS!
Hope you lovelies are having a great day! :)

Sweets for my sweets.

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Hello Måndagsbarn!!

While the rain is pouring outside, I descided to not bother with dressing up today! Instead I wanted to show you guys some photos taken in China! I had a great time there, and these shots are from one day we just whent strolling about the french consession area, relaxing and enjoying the nice weather! I also “accidently” bumped into a candystore larger than most I`ve seen! It was fun walking around and just drooling over all the candy! I tasted some Japanese Candy! Can`t remember the name of it, but it was well as much eyecandy as toothcandy! Really pretty. Almost so pretty I couldn`t eat it. It`s a shame I never got a photo of it! ( I guess I was too busy discovering new and fancy tastes at the time…) haha!

Hope you guys are having a great start on the week! I`m just on my way outside having a work out! Until next..



Anabela Belikova & Lula Makaganchuck by Tom Munro

Vogue Russia May 2010

To Like and to Love..

This remix of Susanne Sundførs “The brothel” is absolutely my taste! I like it. I love it.  LidoLido gets my vote.

Flash my closet

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Here`s a sneak peak of what my closet looks like. I`ve oranized my clothes like this: In the drawers I got denim and basics with pale colours.On the other side in different drawers I got black and leather looks. On the hangers I got the colourful patterns because most of them are dresses. All my blazers and jackets are in a different closet in the hallway, because it`s mostly there I descide what jacket I will throw on before leaving the house. I`m not a very organized person, but while writing this, I suddenly discovered that I may be just that. haha.

As you can tell I`m happy with colours and light fabrics. I just can`t wait for summer to come. I keep picturing me on my bike riding down the street with wind in my hair..I love that FEELING!

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