Hush, baby.



Another reason to lock in my wallet. 


I might have a little crush on that dress.

As the matter of fact.

Do you think it will love me back?


xx T

Do not paint me in BLACK and WHITE

imagecries image image image image image image image image image image image butterfly I`m feeling blue as you probably can tell by my post here.

Don`t you guys hate it when people that don`t even takes the time to get to know you in person, comes up with this all black and white story of what you are?

And paints it even more black than white.

It makes me sad.


Well. I just have to keep colouring it my way.

And hope for other people to see what colours I actually use.


Sleep tight people.

Your comments always makes my day.


xx T


image image

Celinè fall 2010 RTW


 image imageimage image

Stella McCartney Fall 2010 RTW

image image image image

Derek Lam fall 2010 RTW



All my favorite collections from this fall  have one or two things  in common! They have leather mixed in, they have rusty colours and they have flares.


I`m a simple woman.

I don`t have that many demands..


xx T

Acne fall 2010 RTW

image image image

Well Acne, of course!

Loving the colour palette.

And the loosefit.

And that wool jacket.

I need to lock up my wallet.

Someplace safe.


xx T

3.1 Philip Lim

image image image image image

Philip Lim mixes leather and sheer fabrics. Can you believe those flares?? My, they are just a winner!

This is a great fall 2010 rtw collection. Indeed.

I`m again swept away by Mr. Lims work.

Feel the Rusty Vibe

This is what I would wear today if I had my pockets filled with money.
I would probably throw in black hosery under that dress.

Hat// Eugenia Kim
Wool Dress// Stella McCartney
Jacket// Topshop
Bag// Halston Heritage
Shoes// Alexander Wang

Stand up to Mondays

It`s Monday again.
But you probably knew that allready.

I normally got alot against this day.
But today I`m going to make the best of it.
Not gonna hesitate and make it ruin my mood.
Gonna kill the monday-feel right by it`s birth.
Take that, Monday!

Hang in there with me, peeps.

xx T

H&M – not available..

image image

Can someone please tell me what is going on??

I normally browse H&M on a daily basis, and one day everything that is JUST ARRIVED is completely out of stock in one blink of an eye?

Or, is it (lets hope) the way it works when it hasn`t arrived the online stores, yet?





xx T

Someday is Sundays

Great Song

imageNice make up imageFreja Beha Erichsen, Vogue Korea September 2010

imageJessica Stam by Steven Meisel


Black lace and messy hair imageBlack beauty



imageTopshop belt image imageimage


image image

Cravings from Yvonne Konè





Next DIY

imageLights imagePink YSL


Factory Style home decor





I`m running out of words to speak.

Nothing much is going on.

Here`s a selection of pictures.

Let them take you somewhere nice.

Happy Sunday.



xx T