Anniversary`s up..



It`s soon time to celebrate My Idea of Style one- year- anniversary!



I just wanted to do something special to celebrate!


(Please do not laugh)

I`m having a GIVE AWAY!

(I`m kinda nervous no one will enter- soo please do!)

Here`s the ting..

I`m giving this amazing ring away!

I know it`s crazy

But I really want to honour you guys- since you are so great people!

Not even just followers, some of you I`m in touch with every day.

That`s even more than I speak with my mum, haha. wich is every couple of days.

So this is to tell you guys how much you mean to me!

All you have to do to enter is to:

  • Follow my blog


  • Leave a comment with your name and e-mail adress, explaining what you have enjoyed most about my blog this past year.


  • It may increase your chance to take this awesome ring home, and even adding something really nice to this gift, If you leave a tiny little post on your own blog about this giveaway, or leaving a link to this on your facebook - or twitter page!

If you do, please include the link in your comment here.


IMG_9626IMG_9634gawIMG_9556 IMG_9567  

So go ahead!






  1. Stunning ring!! Thank you so much for your comment. Don't forget to follow.
    I love your blog and specially the design and layout, so cool! And I would love that ring with my hair color indeed haha!

    Redhead In Law

  2. wauw cool giveaway :)
    It's the first time i'm visiting here and I looked a bit around, I have to say I love your blog, I really like your kind of writing (if you know what I mean)

    I follow you :)


    thanks for the comment babe :) Maybe you'd like to follow me too?

  3. Hi :D I would looooove to win the ring - it's so beautiful!

    What I enjoy the most about your blog? Maybe the fact that when you read it, it feels like you are entering an intimate, personal world full of thoughts and ideas, beautiful pictures and in overall inspiring.
    I follow you by the way :) Do I have to post my e-mail here or...?

  4. you have a cool blog! thanks for inviting me! I looked through some of your old posts and I think my favorite thing about your blog is that you seem very enthusiastic, which is very refreshing. on top of that all the pics are great inspiration choices as well.

  5. Thanks for commenting!! Really like your blog & congrats to your anniversary!!

  6. happy one year of blogging! :D
    my favourite thing about your blog is the outfit posts. showing your personal style :)


  7. In case I am lucky enough to win, i'll post my mail:

  8. Also for me it's the first time that I visit your blog (I find it on Fashion Squad) and it seems so cool! Well, starting from the background and these photos of yours...I'll keep on following you, I promise!

    & thank you 4 the giveaway!

    aryary91 (at) hotmail (dot) it

    Arianna from Italy

  9. ok and I've also shared it on my facebook profile!

    add me if you want! (Arianna Viaggi) :)

    aryary91 (at) hotmail (dot) it

  10. Den ringen har jeg også! NYDELIG!

  11. cool giveaway i like that ring

  12. I am a follower and I've enjoyed all your photos.:D

    That ring is gorgeous!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. Please lord let it be me! In absolute love with that ring.

  14. Gorgeous ring!! I'd actually buy it if it wasn't a giveaway ;) And my favs are the outfit posts, keep em coming!

    xx Cristina

  15. my first time here so seems like i can't join this ): anyway, do check out my 1st giveaway too babe!


  16. i love your hair and that ring! gorgeous.

  17. wow that ring is gorgeous! are you sure you dont want to keep it? haha. great blog. first time finding your blog so i guess i cant enter, shame! keep posting :) xx

  18. that ring is absolutely STUNNING!!! ohh i can't explain how much i'd like to win! what did i enjoy most of your blog? well, i just stumbled upon your blog today, so i can't say as much about what i enjoyed the past YEAR.. BUT i've been looking through your blog and it feely for me, like you let me be part of your thoughts while reading this. i like that you use a lot of pictures and that your post come out, as if you would talk to so. directly, i mean kind of.. ohh and i ADORE the inspiration pictures in the sidebar :)
    xxx isabel

    e-mail: isabel[at]

  19. Congrats on the giveaway! Big moment in your blogging history!; )

    Just keep your blog personal and keep that relationship with your followers and you will have continued success!!


  20. Hi :D This is actually the first time that I've crossed your blog, but it's really great :) I love how personal it it and the layout makes it and even bigger joy to go through the achieve :D and the inspiration photos are great (I'm a sucker for those). I'm following you :) Please check out my blog too, I think you'll like it :)


  21. Det jeg liker best med bloggen er at du har gjort den mer personlig enn hva den var i begynnelsen, og at du har flere outfitbilder :)

    Har laget et lite innlegg til deg her:

    Love Marlen

  22. Hej hej,
    selvfølgeligt vil jeg gerne deltage i din første Give Away!
    Jeg linker dig til min facebook profil.
    Det er første gang at jeg besøger din blog (fordi du skrev til mig på min blog) men indtil videre så er jeg vild med det design som du har valgt til din blog, jeg kan lide de billeder du bruger og så synes jeg at du har god stil og er super smuk.
    Jeg følger med fra Dk :)


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