A sucker for diamonds!

image You gotta love them..5 inch and up shared this amazing news today; RIVER ISLAND has made the miumiu affordable copy… GREAT NEWS, if you ask me..


IMG_6723 neon

Hi, just wanted to show you guys my new neon top and pretty skirt. Got it all at H&M. yeei. You know how I`ve been dreaming of a neon yellow piece and I tell you- this is it! And also. please do not mind my bad posing. haha. I can`t believe how hard this hotelroom is on my posingskills!!

xx T

Just a little volange


Dress/ Me and the City (shanghai), jeggings/ H&M, bag/ Asos, Necklace/ H&M and jeansjacket/ Cubus

Taking your snapshot in a hotelroom can be quite a struggle, I tell you! I`m back in my hotelroom after a long day. Was up allready at kl 05.00 this morning, and feel really tired right now. Need to get a good nights sleep. The course is ok this far, but I do really notice it`s a while since I`ve been studying.. And I have a hard time focusing in this amazingly nice weather that`s outside our window…My toughts do stroll away sometimes..

Anyway. I do hope you had a great day. And HEY. Guess what. I noticed another Monki Store and also a WEEKDAY store at Karl Johan (oslo city centre) today! Has it really been there all along??? MYYY GOD. If so I feel a bit angry with myself for missing out on that. ARGH. Will bring my camera along one of these days, and show you guys if there are any hot stuff there!


Love / T



bytheway. haircolor34j21sjIMG_0916ASEj

You have probably seen these photos before if you read/follow CHAI, CINNAMON AND COUTURE blog! But for those of you that doesn`t, here`s some awesome streetstyles that immidiate caught my attention!

First photo of sweet Funda of the blog BUY THE WAY, wich also is a pretty amazing blog if you ask me.

I`ve just arrived my hotel in Oslo where I`ll be staying this week. I hope you have a blast on your monday!

see you later sweeties!

Love// T



Well HELLOOO!! how cool is this turban?? I`ve had the idea of buying one for a while now, but why do that when you can make one of your scarves? That is also pretty cool if you think of how many scarves you might have lying around in that drawer… I know I have a few..

You wanna make one too?

Well. Of course, I`ll let you in on the secret..

Sweet AMBER set me off on this one, with this video:



I`m soooo going to buy a hat like this one!! I completely adore this one. Makes me just wanna scream! I need it! No room for discussion. ha! I mean. you must be crazy to argue with that???

Love// T


Azthek and drapes


Hi! this is just me trying out outfits yesterday. I had a hard time desciding. You know, it was that kind of day when nothing seems to be right, and whatever you put on, you don`t feel well and comfortable in! I ended up with this and had my hair loose and wore my orange hot ring together with this. Also my cropped biker leatherjacket in the most amazing soft leather. I love how the azthek print goes so well togehter with silk material such as this brown shiny draped skirt I got at H&M in Shanghai. As it goes for my makeup, I had brown smokey eyes with pale skin. And a hot pink lipstick. I thought it was too much just applying with the stick or a brush, so I just took some on my finger and applied just a little, for that “just beeing kissed”- look. I thought It was pretty neat.

Soooo. can`t wait to hear your opinion!

Have you guys had a great Sunday so far?? I`ve been up to nothing much really, but now I have to start thinking of packing my suitcase. I`m off to Oslo where I`m attending this course in relation with my work. I`m planning to stay for a week, but am sure to bring my computer with me! So there will be some posts, but maybe a fewer since my days will be packed!

Until then my lovers!

Love// T


Hi there!
I just wanted to share a little secret of mine.. I really heart THIS blog! It is great inspirational stuff there. Just let your eyes wander around.. and your mind too!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Love // T



Jacket/ cubus, top(dress)/ H&M the garden collection, jeggings/ dunno, bag/ Asos

Hey. I`ve been told I should do better with my outfitposts (do them more often), and I am really happy to get some more feedback and comments on my blogposts! It`s not that easy when you don`t have a photographer to do your shots, but me and my tripod have been extra good friends lately, so hopefully you will se lot more outfitpost in the future. I hope you like them!

Now, you know it`s Eurovision song contest today. Norway is hosting. :) So that meens a little champagne and friends gathering to watch it on tv! Afterwards I`ll bet we`re up for some dancemoves on town.

Love // T

Change of Heart

I`ve had a change of heart lately. You know I`ve been craving the YSL Art Ovale ring lately, probably like the 90% of all fashionbloggers...BUT! Now after strolling about on online fashionshops I found some rings I crave even MORE!

1. Marc Jacobs ring.
2. Made her think ring.
3. Alkemie Stingray ring.

In that direct order.


This photo is taken from the latest Vogue France. It seems like Ferragamo has brought these shoes back to life! Salvatore Ferragamo created them for Judy Garland in 1938, and the ones that is for sale HERE look almost exactly the same!

Wow. that`s a crazy pair of heels don`t you think?

Love // T

Happy tunes

Just some inspirational photos I borrowed from THIS amazing blog!
I had a blast last night. At work now.

Love// T


IMG_6395 IMG_6408

Hey you guys! This is what I wore to the concert tonight. Not the best photos. I was like all giggeling to my camera before left, and now it`s kinda dead. Need to recharge the batteries. Anyways. you get the picthure:)

Jeans jacket/ Cubus, Dress/ with a little modification/ H&M, hosery /H&M and shoes/ converse. NEW bag/ Asos

Have a great Saturday you all!:)

Huggies/ T



Ohlala! there`s a lot likable at H&M these days. I brought back these in my bag.. Keep vision in my head that two similar bangles, one  at each arm,(of course) togheter with a nice summer-maxi dress would be just fine… What do you hot people think?? The round shaped ring has the most attractive hot orange colour I`ve seen in ages! For real! hot orange is btw my latest obsessions, amongst others..I`m keeping my eyes up for the perfect piece.

Hopefully something close to as gorgeous as THIS ON ELIN KLING!


Girls gotta dream…I`m in totally love with that belt of hers.. MUMS!

Now I`m on my way to a consert at the Student`s house with some friends. I`ve gotta take it easy, because I`m working from 9 tomorrow! I`m going to wear my polkadot dress together with my jeans-jacket and converse. I think it`s a casual thing happening over there, and I don`t want to overdress.. I`ll be sure to take a snapshot at my outfit before I leave, and I`ll post it later on, so you guys can tell me what you think of it!

Anywho.OH YES! big HELLO to my new followers.. You are the most welcome!! So fun having more people around! Yeei. totally made my day!

Sweet huggies for you all!

xx T


 IMG_6358 IMG_6362


So, here`s the showoff of my new watch! do you like it?? I got it at ASOS, ofcourse..And paid about 400 NOK for it! I am really pleased with it.  Was kinda worried it would be tooo big, because it`s a unisex model, but don`t think it is afterall! yeey! Also I it can stay SUPERDRY on my arm while I have a swim this summer. (or at least until 30 meters)

Later aligator// T

I heart it

I really fell for this heart cut-out dress from new RARE at asos!
One click away from here, I say!


image image image..I do not envy STYLE ROOKIE for her miu miu collection neither her proenza shouler top…
Envy is bad. I`m bad.

Beeping Sleauty

Beeping Sleauty from Fredrik Skogkvist on Vimeo.

Simply fine.

Are you in// or are you out?

26 26mai10 26mai 26mai2010 26maii 26maiiii

Jacket/ Denim/ Cubus

Scarf/ H&M

Sachelbag/ H&M



Sunnies/ RayBan L.A

Simply me and my camera + tripod out on a fieldtrip after work today. I couldn`t believe how nice light is was outside, and just had to explore it more with my photos! I am working late tomorrow aswell, and I`m pretty pleased with the fact that I can stay up late and sleep in a while longer tomorrow… that is if I don`t get bad feelings about missing gym tomorrow..in which I honestly doubt I will.. haha.

Now I`m going to chill on my couch. I hope you enjoy my photos! And I would be suuuperhappy and grateful if more of you guys took your time to comment! REALLY grateful..

Anyways. Take care. Sleep tight.

Love// T

White wonder..

image  image
Omyyygoooood. Take a look at the white wonder on Olsen here. I really love the one on the last photo! Oh. she looks really pretty.  I adore it. It has a kinda kimono-shape, but the fact that`s maxi and all white makes it just adorable!
Source: olsenanonymous

Asos Black

image image
Asos Black Collection launched last week and here`s a taste of what it looks like in real life on real hangers! I have seen the picthures online, but was not tempted, by far… until I saw these dresses that Sandra from 5 Inch And Up has secured herself. oh. mjaaau. I think they look pretty much more likable here on these shots!
Get the dresses HERE!


image image image

I have ordered home the cross ring and the pinkie ring from Fashionology! I really wanted the cross ring from Pamela Love, but I have to save some money first…And speaking of rings..This is my recent most desirable one…image imageimage

I guess I`m not the only one craving this. Well. When I get rich. Can`t take away a girls dreams!

Later people!