I heart my holiday


Hi People! I FINALLY got to taste some summer!!!!! I`m sooo happy for these days I got to spend in Dubrovnik! It`s a pretty amazing city with lots of interesting history and background. I think it`s so pretty and with the clear Adriatic sea right outside my hotel room! I can actually see it from my bed when I wake up in the morning. We`ve spent our days so far with discovering this amazing city. I also got a chance to do a little shopping. (!) Other than that It`s pretty cheap to get treatments at the hotel SPA, and I`ve treated myself with both facial refreshments and aroma relaxing massages. Ohhh. I`ve become real spoiled on this holiday! HAHA. I`m also very sorry for the lack of posts, you guys, but believe it or not it`s been really hard to get an internet connection at my hotel room. (Also really hard to drag myself from the champagne-glass and sunbed....) I do hope you will forgive me, and that you enjoy these shots from our vacation so far.

Stay Stylish!
Stay Tuned!

xx T


I wish I had acsess to her wardrobe.. She`s just impeccable.
My girl,  JULES!

xx T

Mad Men

Could this editorial BE any more Mad Men?? I love this style! Christy Turlington, Karen Elson och Natalia Vodianova does their job flawless. Tumbs up to Meisel that brilliantly made this!

Beauty comes with a headpiece

Amazing cool styles. Personally that straw-hat is killing me slowly. I`m not sure how it would look with daily streetwear but in this editorial it simply rocks.

Source: fashiongonerogue

Monki wardrobe

Brilliant looks from Monki via trineswardrobe

I`m gonna hurry to a Monki store just as fast as I can say:  Monki!

xx T

En vogue

Vogue Paris via spanishmossvintage

Who wouldn`t like to be a cowgirl after seeing this?? MAN, J`adore this first photo. It`s insane.

xx T

Todays Outfit

Hi! This is my outfit for today. As you can see I`ve grown fond of my new shirt from Gina Tricot, and I wore it together with my shorts today aswell. Later this evening we went to see my family and I wore almost the same- I figured I`ll give my shorts a break and threw on this lace dress togehter with my biker-jacket. The flower in my hair is a Orchid that came along from H&M the other day. I love how it makes everything look so much more summerish. I had a great day today, and the view is spectacular- just look at it!!! I`m jumping in my comfy-pants to watch a movie with my B-friend now! Everyone has a comfy-pant, right?? Anyways - Stay tuned! I`ll see you soon!

xx T


Sheer Stripes is Sexychic!

Vibrant colors! HOTSTYLE.

Charlize for Elle France July 2010

Erin Wasson XRVCA

Street CHIC!

CRAVING: Lace Shorts from H&M (199 NOK)

Pretty Face: Masha Novosealova for Vogue

Hope you guys are having a great day so far!
I`m just up and about and on my way out in the heavy rain!
I`ve been quite obsessed with this bad weather lately, but have figured out that I just have to stand up to it and go outside afterall! I`ll get soaked, but look forward to a warm hottub afterwards!

Stay dry Peeps!

xx T

Follow me nowhere

 Shirt// Gina Tricot
Shorts// DIY H&M
Tights// H&M
Necklace// Gina Tricot
Rings// Fashionology

Like I promised you guys! Here`s my outfit from today. I wore shorts despite the rainy weather. Just to point out the fact that`s actually summer! In desperate need of a tights underneat, but who really cares about that.  ha ha. 

I do apologize for the weird views on my camera tonight. I`ve become spoiled having a tripod hanging around.

Sleep tight peeps.

xx T