Oreo mania

I`m def a sweet tooth.
My favourite cake is at the moment oreo-cake!

I decided to go a little crazy and made these yesterday.

oh they were yummi.
Exept, I would toss in a bit of philadefia- cheese instead of all that sweet flour in the frosting, for perfection reasons that is.

Get the recipe HERE!


Love / T


These are just Wormy-licious!

Get them HERE!

You`re welcome.

xx T

Daily Inspiration

There`s so many exciting ways to wear leoprint.
I know I`m choking you guys with it, but kids..



Stella McCartney
Falabella bag.

How awesome would this be just held in the hand like a clutch.


Jeez Louise.

Birthdaywish is hearby made.

Would yu choose green or black?

xx T

At the moment


Acne SS 11


Alexas rings


Lipstick in natural colours


Clean styles


Funny doggies


 image image

Awesome models


loooong black flare legs



xx T

Leoprint Maxi.


Remember the leoprint dress on the street- smart post I did a couple of posts ago?

If you`re blank it`s HERE!

I discovered this one from H&M Divided.


It`s something, right?


I wish it had a deep cut on the back like the one in the streetpost, tough.


xx T


IMG_0889IMG_0904IMG_0895IMG_0920IMG_0930 IMG_0896  


shoes// converse

leggings// bikbok

tee// acne

leatherjacket// carlings

denimvest// carlings

scarf// zara

crazy attitude// me!

Skann10-09-27 2325

Street smart//

imageimage  image image image image image imageimage  image image  image

Attention please.

Photo overload.

xx T



This never bores me.





I had to run this morning.. and that makes THIS all you get of an outfitpost today!

I`m back from the gym now, and gonna make myself some hot mexican tomatosoup with vegetables and meatballs in. and some parmegianno!


Hope you guys had a fresh start on your week!

Loooove all the way from me to YOU!


Wrap around cape// Bikbok

“leather” leggings// Bikbok

Oversized Army-shirt//  Gina Tricot

Leoprint scarf// H&M (last year)

Hat// H&M

Brown Suede wedges// Zara


xx T

Like this


I wanna look like this girl

This is just outfit- perfection to the fingertips.

I love the leoprint cape and the red socks is just beyond cool.


xx T



IMG_0835IMG_0836IMG_0837IMG_0833 IMG_0834   IMG_0838 

I did some shopping.

I got the jacket from Zara.

I can`t believe how happy I am about it. Really.

Especially after seeing burberry prorsums moto-style jackets for SS 11.

I really like that it`s a bit more MC than my black biker jacket.

The black cape is just a refill with warm wrap-around alternatives for fall, and the Bayprint Tee.

Well it`s Acne. And loose and likable to throw on anytime.


Like it. Love it.


Jacket// Zara // 1400 nok

Cape// BikBok // 399 nok

Tee// Acne // 799 nok


Are you having a great sunday, yet?

I just got the message that I can sleep in a bit longer tomorrow morning, because of all the hard work I did this weekend.


That`s just perfect!


xx T

Sweet Sunday


Hi kids!

I`ve been working all weekend and actually feel more like sleeping than anything else.

Luckily the sunny weather is turned on, and I simply can`t stay in.

Therefore I`m off to pick up my friend Mr. Kleven and we`re going for a trip out in the woods.

The norwegian nature is stunning at fall-time! You should get to see it sometime!

Have a great sunday all of you lovely people!


xx T

One thing leads to another

image scetch

Hi. Remember me wanting to improve my drawingskills. Well. I have always wanted to draw fashion sketches and while my B is in China I got too much time on my hands.

Wich resulted in this sketch of Abbey.

I really like her outfit, and most of all the well composition with the mesh skirt, without it being too much.

Well. my drawing skills is what it is. It`s not easy to draw the human body.

Arrgh. I almost used up my eraser!!


I do hope you like it.

Please feel free to comment, maybe give me some hints on how to get better!

I would love that!


xx T

Slouchy Trench

image image


I wanna tip you off this loosefit trench. I think it`s really nice.

You can get it HERE.