//underwear combination


//Acne flippy dress and leather jacket!

// Chloè denimgirl!

// Lilac!

// Braids!

//Lara love


Sara Ziff
// sheer fabrics!

// leoprint!

 // Fringes!

// Kate!

// Marilyn
/Ugly- beautyful looks!

// Red!

//Solestruck shoes!

// Tomboy look!

// Solestruck shoes!

..This is inspiring!

Photos via various tumblrs and The Northern Light 
[which btw has become one of my favourite blogs atm.]
Worth checking out!

I`m a happy gal, cause by B is returning back home today.
Just a big smile really!

Have a great friday.
Oh and also. Superhappy to get your comments.
Keep em coming!

Love// T


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