My Preference

My preference when it comes to makeup is 1 out of  2.
Basically a fresh face or red lips!

I really like a messy, yet an boyish outfit.
This is just perfect tucked with a mindblowing leatherbelt detail!
Perfect tucking is a detail on it`s own.

I`m so going for the "jacket resting on your shoulders"- look this fall!
It`s dressy and uptight, but still relaxed.
Mixed signals. I know.

One of my all time favourite looks always tend to involve a loose type of denim and a printed jacket, in that right bohemian way.
Slap a hat on, or a fringe bag and you`re all in.

Ok, so now you know what I prefer.
Now it`s your turn.

xx T

all images via a french delight!


  1. Så masse, masse fint det var!

  2. I know! superfin fransk blogg!:)


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