do not fall

Ok here it goes.
Styles you never fail with this fall.
1. Print clash-up/ feel free to play around with all kinds of prints all at once.
2. Hair & Volume/ be sure to go for that 70`s vibe.
3. Denim on denim. Preferrable patching. 
4.Snakeprint/crocprint. Play around with alternative colours such as green and pink.
5. Metallic hues. Both in makeup and clothes. It´s that 70`s understatement.
6. Loafers or/ and mens shoes.
7. Azthekprints, chunky knits and mustard. Be sure to add some denim or leather to that look.
8. LEATHER everything. [do not hesitate on that patent one, girl!]
[9. Polkadots]
10. Heavy armparties or the opposite: singular thin rings.

I`m not sure about the polkadots, but I find myself wanting to wear it more often than normally.
So that`s about it.

So speak your mind, 
am I right?

[Images via carolinesmode, columbine smille and various tumblrs]


  1. Love the rings! And the shoes.

  2. Tynne ringer! Det er på ingen måte feil, må skaffe meg noen slike. Og skinn, ikke minst. Det svikter aldri.

  3. Great inspiration!


Speak your mind.