fresh air


I know I have been absent from my blog the latest weeks.

I just wanted to take some time to focus on other things important to me.

Like long walks and fresh air.

Only for the pleasure


Oh lord.

This may perfectly well be the nicest sequin top I have ever seen.

Clean cutted 90`s.

It would just as much work wonders this holiday season.


image   image

Wheter it`s flower og animal, it`s  no doubt that PRINTS will do good this spring.

I need to start the harvesting of the finest clothes..

Sensuality of the mind



I got this great clip in my inbox today, from sweet Amanda, who`s been keeping me posted on what`s up at H&M lately!

I`m superpleased to know the fact that MARNI is H&M newest collaboration partner for Spring 2012.

Having a glance at this video makes me long for more details!

And THAT my fellows, is a good sign!

I really like the graphic prints, and the styling too.

I can really see myself wearing these prints, in my own combination.

This simply has the potential to be a fun collection to play around with!

show me your teeth

One of my favourite things about the winterseason is the sequin- everything.
It really makes an outfit stand out, and look glamorous!
This skirt by Helmut Lang is not too bad either.
It`s super shiny!
I also couldn`t stop notise the shiny pointy tip of the shoes, remarkable like the ones being launched by Nowwhere...
Now show me your teeth.

la beauté est la beauté de vous à moi

The face.
The beauty.


Stylist Katy Lassen took on photographer Rubert Tappers’ vision of Oli Henderson in the 9th issue of Fallen.

pop of yellow

Hadde det ikke vært for at jeg skal tilbringe helga i jobb- og treningstøy, skulle jeg hatt AKKURAT dette på i dag!


guess what.
I have been thinking of this mod- inspired dress from ASOS black ever since I first saw it..
I am really fan of the mid-high turtleneck and the short length.


..First time thinking of getting a nose- ring.

feeling like


Look// by Acne + Daniel Silver
Cos// pencil skirt
Obsedia// Givenchy clutch


Nadja Bender photographed by Riccardo Bernardi for Dossier Journal

scarlet ghost

I am really in the mood for beanies lately.
partly because I`m tired of my hair..
but mostly because Erin Wasson does it soo greatly.

Lipsstick/ Max Factor // Scarlet Ghost

Happy sunday.
Happy fathersday!


I obvioulsy got an eyegasm while browsing Zara today.
Spot on.



I have completely forgotten to show you my new necklace from Topshop.

I love to make a uneven knot of it and make it partly show over my shirt.

It`s in the details.

It always is.

time to bend

this is great.
Grey Magazine by Alessio Bolzoni.


// Sky Ferreira

My most recent discovery about makeup is that I really really love the look of a natural eye combined with lipstick of any kind. Preferable red ones.

I have been playing around with this look the last couple of weeks, and am amazed by how great it looks! 

de fumeé

M le Monde October 2011

less is a bore

 less is a bore

how to

To get your very own go here!


simply pointing out beauty for you


Fashion has taken a sporty direction lately, and I`ve seen a non stop urge to asseccorize with caps and sneakers amongst almost every fashionista.

Personally I`ve been thinking that it has a great look in editorials, but I find it hard to fit in everyday life.
Unless you are born a natural.

So how to embed the sportif style without a cap or wearing sneakers?
Now here`s where this skirt from Altewai.Saome enters the picture.
It`s pretty much as cool as it gets..
oh, and..
..Happy friday!


I simply love this photo!
It`s from a editorial styled by Ada Kokosar, and has really so many elements of what I have in mind for fall.

studded love

I would gladly carry you


Randomly saved looks I like!

I really want to try out the patent pant- tweed look.
So unexpected and SOOO nice!

what makes life harder

Oh my.
I`ve allready given myself a shoe-shopper curfew after spontanously buying a pair of patent dr.martens while waiting for my CJ tardy`s to arrive.
BUT. these patent ones from Vagabond makes life harder.

Now you know.