In desperate need for gift-ideas for Christmas?

No need to worry, here`s the hitlist.

You`re welcome!


1. Chanel nailpolish/ choose peridot if you`re brave, or go for a dark purple/blue shade.

2. Baby skull necklace/ or something your friend/girlfriend would like from Michelle Chang jewlery.

3. Concerttickets!

4. Skin musthaves: kiehl`s midnight recovery oil, MAC strobecream, Kiehl`s creme de corps and dermalogica total repair eye cream.

5. Makeupstore/ Lipstick sealer for girls with a lipstick attitude!

6. Topshop studded loafers

7. RUSSH magazine subscription(bladkongen.no)

8. BikBok statement necklace

9. Ginatricot MOA belt

10. Ginatricot Abbie top

11. Mogens Lasson/ Kubus stake


  1. so many delightful goodies, especially those studded loafers. meowzas

  2. Jeg liker ALT på denne lista!


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