There is more to autumn than falling leaves

Nå kan høsten bare komme dere.
What I want fall to look like.



Meet my new vtg art deco jacket!

I`m loving it, what about you?

Omelet for dinner and a freshly STYLEBY in my mailbox.

I`m counting on a good evening!


Hope you guys are feeling happy.



 IMG_5160-horz  IMG_5232-horz

I`m feeling masculine and supercomfy today!

Monday 29


It`s monday.
I know I need to smile and be happy, to feel happy about it.

Dress// bikbok
Bag// topshop
Scarf// gina tricot

Ilse de Boer

Ilse de Boer by Kai Z. Feng for Wonderland

My two favorite looks from Missoni for Target.
I really love the blue look. It`s so up to date and edgy! I would toss away the panties though and add some cm to those heels to complete my version of it!


greetings all of the prints!


Elle sweden


honestly.. wtf

by now you should know where to go for those DIY inspirations!
I am going for these!


Complete the look with a girlie style// pleats, red lips and a leather jacket!



The bracelet and these shoes are looking very tempting.
Acne, of course.


Just a daily dose of inspiration for you guys.
You know how I am obsessed with the print clash, right? 
Hold on! I am beginning to get a serious obsession about "thin jewellery" aswell. 
For instance, this skull bracelet is just totally adorable! I want. 
Anyone know where it`s from?


Print and metallic add to my wardrobe.
Both H&M


Michael Donovan for Vision Magazine China

con leche

Some milky white inspiration..

Speaking of milkywhite.. this sweater is so nice!

do not fall

Ok here it goes.
Styles you never fail with this fall.
1. Print clash-up/ feel free to play around with all kinds of prints all at once.
2. Hair & Volume/ be sure to go for that 70`s vibe.
3. Denim on denim. Preferrable patching. 
4.Snakeprint/crocprint. Play around with alternative colours such as green and pink.
5. Metallic hues. Both in makeup and clothes. It´s that 70`s understatement.
6. Loafers or/ and mens shoes.
7. Azthekprints, chunky knits and mustard. Be sure to add some denim or leather to that look.
8. LEATHER everything. [do not hesitate on that patent one, girl!]
[9. Polkadots]
10. Heavy armparties or the opposite: singular thin rings.

I`m not sure about the polkadots, but I find myself wanting to wear it more often than normally.
So that`s about it.

So speak your mind, 
am I right?

[Images via carolinesmode, columbine smille and various tumblrs]


I believe in armparties.
The croc is new to the party.
Say hello.

[Yvonne Konè bracelet , DIY friendship, Croc from Gina Tricot and Watch from Oasis]

Perfect shape

Hello. popping in to tell you guys about these shoes from MONKI!
It`s a perfect shape and you know it!

I´ll be back with a story on what styles I believe in for fall. 
Stay tuned!


Prints, you guys.
I`m really loving this look, and just had to borrow it from my talented fellow blogger Angela


My eyes are wide open discovering THIS TALENT!

Johanna Pihl, a disicple of both Sweden's Ann-Sofie Back and House of Dagmar, impressed with an extensive use of leather, crafted in refined and intricate ways through piping and cut outs, at Stockholm Fashionweek!