Girls and boys.
Peace out.
I`m recharging for a new week tomorrow.
You better be up for it.

Wearing my sofa, but apart from that it`s a COS tee, and a cheap monday pant edited by me.


  1. Love your jeans. Any time I've tried to rip my own jeans it didn't turn out as cool as it was in my head. Any tips? ;)

    xo Cristina

  2. Hey Cristina! yup. I know it´s not as easy as you should think. I guess you have to find yourself a pair of pants with a wash that makes a little more statement when you rip them. That`s why I chose a acid wash. From there you have to figure out where you want to rip your jeans. I think it`s pretty neat to rip it at the legs, and I think it`s even cooler if your pants have a high waist when you do so. Make sure to try on some heels to make sure you cut it just right. regarding the ripping part, I guess you figure alot out if you just youtube "ripped jeans"! there`s a world there waiting for you! :D

    thanks for stopping by, love!

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