Emilio Pucci

Words are not necessary.

Theyskens Theory fall 2013

Theyskens Theory do never fail. 
Shimmery fabrics, navy blue, perfect shades of brown and those kneehigh boots are SOOO GOOOD!

Topshop Tummies

Ok, ladies! Time to start working our abs for fall! 
Topshop Unique fall 2013 collection is really a collection that draws my attention. 
The crop top has been in the limelight for a while now, and this collection does not make me believe any less in it. On the other hand it`s something that really reminds me of the days when spice girls played on repeat on my cd-player, and my hormones was running wild. I have never felt more like the center of the universe, and all the drama that came along is totally worthy some film-award. 

I suddenly feel boring. Maybe I need to spice up my life. 
Just a little. I mean, a crop top would probably do the trick. 
And some pale pink.

..Since it`s friday n` all!

Alice + Olivia spring 2013 VIA